Am I ready for my theory call?

Check that you've completed all the steps necessary before booking your theory test

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Before booking your theory test, you'll need to be sure you've completed all of the below:

All trainees:

  • Completed and passed all of your training and that your Learning Review is complete

If applicable:

  • Sent off your Letter of Good Conduct (if this is applicable to you, i.e if you have lived in a country other than the UK in the past)

  • Sent off your landlord permission request (if you live in a rented property). Note that this permission has to be received in writing. Tiney doesn't necessarily need to see the written permission, but you do need to confirm that it has been given in writing.

If you're unsure if you've completed any of the above or if any of them are applicable to you, please get in touch with your advisor.

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