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4 ways to start attracting business whilst still training

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As a soon-to-be-registered childminder, you're probably wanting to bring your first families on board as soon as possible. Therefore you need to be proactive to get yourself noticed - and doing so whilst still training is going to really help! Here are some marketing must-do's to help you build your brand and find families.

🌟 Harness your superpower

Think about yourself, what makes you special? If you’re unsure and would like some inspiration, have a look at our other childminder profiles here. Reflect on these unique highlights on your platforms, as well as on your tiney profile (which will be able to go live as soon as you are registered).

🌏 Get yourself on social media

Set up accounts on social media and child related platforms where parents are already having conversations - remember to state that you’re still in training and mention the registration date you are working towards. Here are the top spots:

  • Set up a Facebook business page (see how-to tips here)

  • Set up a Google My Business page (see how-to tips here)

  • Create an Instagram account (see how-to tips here)

  • Start thinking about a profile - you need your registration number to complete this (see why here)

  • Create a profile on (to be done once registered, but you can start to look at your area for inspiration)

  • Create an account on (to be done once registered, but you can start to look at your area for inspiration)

Once set-up, prospective parents will be able to reach out to chat further. You can talk through each other’s needs to ensure you are a good fit

🗣 Inform your local area

  • Schools - if you're a parent yourself, tell parents at the school pick-up/drop-off!

  • NCT groups and Toddler & Baby groups - What better place to find potential parents looking for childcare? Go and introduce yourself!

  • Anywhere locally to parents - local community and children's centres, sports centres, supermarkets, libraries, family-friendly cafés, GP surgeries or even through the doors of the houses in your neighbourhood!

💪 Practice and persevere

Setting up a business takes lots of plate spinning! Marketing requires good input to get good output, so try setting aside some time each day or week and putting it in the diary - could you set yourself a goal of 1 hour a week during training? (Although if a parent does get in touch, please do respond promptly - customer service is key!)

Let's get your name out there early!

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